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Absolutely Free Shipping on all our products

Personalized Pillow - How this works?


All of us have that loved one in our lives... our dear pets. They make us happy in the saddest moments, they comfort us in the most distressed days. Surely if you have come to this page is because you have thought about making a Personalized Pillow for your pet. Have you ever wondered how this process is done? Let us explain it to you

Everything begins with a photo, the most adorable photo you have of your beloved Cat, Dog, Parrot, etc.. It must be in very good definition, otherwise, it will not be easily visible and the impression could be blurred. So make sure you take a good photo.

When you make a purchase on our site, you have the option to add the photo of your pet. If for some reason you forget to do it, simply write to the support and send us the photo you want along with the number of your order.

Once we receive the photo, we scan it, make some retouches, and print on a suitable and resistant material made for comfortable pillows. All our work is 100% handmade, done with deep love for pets and our customers how wants a personalized pillow.

Then it's time to fill the stuffed animal. The main idea is to leave it with the real dimensions of the image you sent us. Our packaging is simple, but adequately protects your personalized pillow from being mistreated in the shipment.

Would you love to have your own personalized pillow ? Don't hesitate to contact us.