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How to train a dog ⭐️ 5 Easy ways ⭐️

How to train a dog ⭐️ 5 Easy ways ⭐️

If you love your puppy, but your barking bites and lousy behaviour are driving you crazy No need to despair. Now we want to show you five easy ways of how to train your dog


Not everyone can pay for a puppy trainer at home.


But fortunately, there are many things you can do to train a dog properly

In this post, we will teach you what to do and what not to do with puppy training. And remember, if you want a memorable memory of your puppy, buy your Custom pet pillow today.

Well, let's get started!



1- Don't yell at the puppy!


It can be so challenging to stay calm when your puppy has chewed the wires on your laptop or is barking, and this happens just when you need to finish some at home or want some peace. But if you take it out, you risk damaging the precious bond you have with your puppy.

Puppies are very much in tune with humans, so an increase in your tone of voice might express it and make you feel more anxious ironically. It might have the opposite effect that you intended to achieve, which makes you more enthusiastic about the situation.

I mean, the puppy could understand that barking is good because you're "barking" too.

How to train a dog

2- Be signed


 The beautiful big puppy eyes that look at you may dissuade you from saying something to your puppy when he does something terrible, but to teach him good behaviour you need to be firm.

Puppies need a herd leader, And if they see you as too relaxed, they won't be motivated to learn to behave better, so it's essential to use a stern voice if you're trying to scold them but not shout.


3- Don't hurt him physically


Using pain is never the right way of how to train a dog. these behaviours only teach dogs to have their owners and to lose the natural confidence they have in you

Even if you don't physically hurt your puppy wearing a shock collar also teaches them to respond with fear. So don't wear it!


4- Give him a break


A time out is an excellent technique to teach your puppy to stop doing something annoying.

In other words, if you see that he starts to misbehave or bark too much, just put him in a dog cage or take him to a place that he finds very dull.

You must make sure the location is safe The Puppy should only stay there for three minutes No more than that

Every time he misbehaves, say the words "time out" and put him in the same place so that he will understand those bad behaviours lead to being away from the people you love.

5- Don't look at the eyes


When you talk to a child who has misbehaved is vital eye contact to emphasize the gravity of the situation, but for a dog, a direct and prolonged look can be threatening.

For that reason, looking at him directly when you scold him is NOT AN EFFECTIVE METHOD TO EDUCATE him.

Your puppy can look into your eyes when he's waiting for food he's waiting for a treat or wants to go for a walk, but if you stare at him, your puppy may feel uncomfortable just like humans.

In this case, you can wait for him to have his body on the ground look away and do everything possible to get away from you because he will see you intimidating.

So stare at him so that the lesson you want to give the puppy will be much harder to get.

I hope you enjoy these tips.

Please keep reading our blog and learn more about how to take care of your valuable puppy also do not forget to buy your personalized custom pillow to have forever that friend you love so much.