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Cute dogs that make our lives happier!

Cute dogs that make our lives happier!

I have a sad story to tell you. Well..not so sad because it include a cute dogs history :)

Five years ago I was deeply depressed and didn't know what to do with my life. Nothing seemed to make me happy. Daily I tried to do one thing or another to keep my mind busy, but it seemed that nothing could cure that feeling of emptiness. Everything changed one afternoon when some friends visited my wife and me... and I finally found the cure for my ailments... they brought me the best gift that can be given to ANY person.

I think you know what I mean,They brought me my ideal pet. ... my little fluffy. Yes, that was the name I gave to my adorable pet. And if you had seen it, you would have thought it was a lint! She was so tender and adorable... I taught her how to bring her stuffed animals, I took her out to run, I could spend hours playing with her, because I always made my life happy.

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As time went by, our circumstances changed, and we had to move to an apartment out of town for work reasons. Of course, we took Fluffy with us, because she is an inseparable friend.

Sadly, we had to leave her all day alone, and I could only devote a few minutes a day to her. So we finally decided that Fluffy would stay with a friend, who had a girl of only 7 years old. Now she enjoys playing!

I can only say that these little cute dogs really make your life happy. If you have the opportunity to have a pet, don't miss it! Take care of her, take time, and you will see how much they fill your life.

Of course, we always go to see our fluff, and we take advantage of bringing some gifts. And, of course this one! I have my custom pet pillow of Fluffy. There is no better gift than to remember it every day!

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